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Welcome, and thank you for stopping by! Please enjoy my site. My aim is to bring you a range of content covering life and working in tech through my blog as well as a knowledge base of my collected learnings and experiences as an IT engineer covering DevOps, System Administration, Technical Support skills, and general IT/tech as well as anything else I come across.

Browse the site, enjoy what you find, and please do get in touch with any thoughts, ideas or discussions. I'm most active on LinkedIn and X / Twitter but you can reach me in a range of other places too; see my social links for details.

Recent Posts

Breaking Into DevOps

12 minute read

How I made the transition from Sys Admin and Technical Support to DevOps

The making of this site

11 minute read

A description of the technologies used and the process followed to build this website

Why share knowledge?

9 minute read

What do I mean by knowledge sharing, why is it important and why should you care?

Welcome to my blog

2 minute read

My first blog post, introducing myself and this site