They say that no great individual stands alone. Without others to support me, share their own knowledge or open source their work I wouldn’t be here today or have a website that looks as great as it does.

I believe in saying thank you and in giving credit where it is due, and while I can’t always reimburse everyone directly, particularly with some of the images used on this site, I do where I can and for those I cannot I will credit and link to their work. You’ll find all my header images have links to the creator and in my articles I link cite my inspirations and sources as much as possible. Some of the places on my site however don’t offer an easy way to credit and link, such as the teaser images. So here I offer a list of all the images and other resources used on this site.

My logo was AI generated using Microsoft Designer


Most of my images come from Pexels and the icons from Font Awesome.

In Use

These are the images and creators used on this site

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Not In Use

There are some images that I either wanted to use but I couldn’t quite find the right place for them, or the pages where I plan to use them are not completed yet. I however wanted to call them out as ones I liked and maybe you do too.

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