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Preparing an environment for specific version requirements

In some circumstances a build environment may not be on the latest version of available tools. In this case doing a simple install of the tools required may end up with versions that cannot be used for managing and updating the environment due to old version dependancies.

In this case there are some approaches that can be taken

Using a container

This step is optional

If the host/workstation environment is not appropriate for changing to a specific set of tool versions a container can be prepared and used

docker run -dit --name <container_name> --hostname <container_hostname> <image>
docker exec -it <container_name> /bin/bash


docker run -dit --name build-env --hostname build-env fedora
docker exec -it buildenv /bin/bash


  • Alternative container technologies such as podman could also be used
  • The hostname switch is optional but may be desired if retaining the container for repeated use

Prepare the environment

Install any baseline tooling that might be generally needed, e.g. vim or wget etc.

<package_manager> install <required_tools>


dnf install git git-lfs vim wget curl zsh bat -y

Specific version of node

For many Operating Systems the easiest way to specify a particular version is through NVM

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/master/install.sh | bash 
source ~/.bashrc
nvm install v16.13.0 #Note: replace with required version as necessary

Fedora provides granular control over the version of Node.js that is installed. This can be done by using the dnf package manager

dnf install nodejs-<version_required>

## Example

dnf install nodejs-16.13.0

Specific version of python

For Fedora/RHEL dnf allows the version required to be specified as part of the install command

dnf install python3.8 -y # Note: specify the version as required

Also may wish to install pip

dnf install python3-pip -y

Specific version of AWS CDK

First install AWS CLI

<package_manager> awscli


dnf install awscli -y

Use npm (see specific version of node.js if required) to then install a specify the specific version required

npm install --save-exact -g aws-cdk@1.91.0


  • --save-exact tells npm to install the version specified and not update/upgrade
  • -g is a global install flag
  • Use @<version_number> to define the required verson

Then, as required use pip to install cdk elements as necessary using == to specify a required version

pip3 install aws-cdk.core==1.91.0