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Troubleshooting Skills

24 minute read

Looking at the art, and the science, of troubleshooting technical issues

Introducing Regular Expressions

17 minute read

Regular expressions are a powerful tool for searching and manipulating text. They are used in many programming languages, text editors, and other tools. They...

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Top Tips For A Successful Interview

28 minute read

Following on from my recent article on how to write a good CV I had some requests to continue on with my thoughts on how to do well at interview. Again, I’v...

How To Write A Good CV (or Resume)

23 minute read

I know that there’s a lot of churn going on in the industry right now and a lot of people are suddenly and unexpectedly looking for a new role. Over the pas...

2023 IT Industry Layoffs

14 minute read

I want to talk a little about the trend that’s arrived in late 2022 and into early 2023 (and possibly but hopefully not beyond) where a large number of devel...

Getting Started With Git

21 minute read

Git is a near ubiquitous tool in modern software development and DevOps practices. Understanding how to use it is a key skill in working effectively and effi...

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Breaking Into DevOps

12 minute read

How I made the transition from Sys Admin and Technical Support to DevOps

The making of this site

11 minute read

A description of the technologies used and the process followed to build this website

Why share knowledge?

9 minute read

What do I mean by knowledge sharing, why is it important and why should you care?

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Welcome to my blog

2 minute read

My first blog post, introducing myself and this site

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